SuiteASSURED is SuiteCRM for organisations who operate compliance driven environments or who require additional software assurances or intellectual property warranties that are not provided with SuiteCRM. SuiteASSURED is maintained exclusively by SalesAgility.

SuiteASSURED has been developed to provide surety to enterprise-class customers and other large organisations installing, customising and driving value from the open source SuiteCRM software application.

SuiteASSURED Implementation Services

The best way to design, deliver and support successful SuiteASSURED deployments is in partnership with SalesAgility. Work with the people who know it better than anyone else on the planet.




The SuiteASSURED roadmap is planned through to 2024. Long Term Support (LTS) releases are defined. SuiteASSURED always contains mature, extensively tested, SuiteCRM code.


Maintenance and Updates

The SuiteASSURED release cadence is more conservative than SuiteCRM, delivering the most stable performance, security and feature updates to your environment.




Level 1 and Level 2 Support

Your SuiteASSURED subscription delivers Level 3 support (major issues). Additional support agreements are available for Level 1 and Level 2 issues. Support agreements are calculated based on the number of support hours you choose. Support is delivered by a dedicated Support Team. Service Level Agreements give you the comfort of knowing that your issues will be dealt with quickly, professionally and appropriately. Support is available by telephone, email and Portal.

Consulting and Customization Services

Our professional services team are experts in shaping SuiteASSURED to enterprise requirements:

  • Defining business logic
  • Mapping and aligning SuiteASSURED to workflows
  • Integrating with third party systems
  • Developing extensions and plugins
  • Designing and developing new CRM modules

SuiteASSURED is the final piece of the jigsaw for enterprise-class customers seeking to engage with the world's leading open source CRM. SuiteASSURED's warranties, guarantees and indemnities are market leading and designed to ensure that our clients can engage with SuiteCRM and enjoy superior software, superior freedoms, superior cost model, faster innovation and long term security.

Greg Soper, CEO of SalesAgility



Access to decades of experience of CRM best practice, code and product architecture, agile software development, problem definition and resolution and successful project delivery.